Meet the Filmmakers

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(written by Amanda)

It’s ok if the name caused you to do a double-take. It’s a unique one! You see, it’s Lithuanian in origin, and Arunas is from Lithuania. It’s been a big switch for him to move to San Diego, but it’s been awesome to watch this transition challenge him to wholeheartedly pursue his love for storytelling through videography. He’s very passionate about his work, which is one of the first things you’ll notice when you film with him (next to how tall he is. 6’5” in case you’re wondering). His attention to detail, and his drive to excel in all that he creates is a huge asset at Sonder Liv Studios. He doesn’t just push himself towards excellence; he curates that same drive in all of us.

When he’s not filming or editing, you can find him on the basketball court, or in the comfort of our home  playing NBA2k19 or Mario Kart. He also enjoys skiing in Mammoth, camping in National Parks, eating way too much mint chocolate chip ice cream, and binge watching The Office with me and our cuddly cat Kona. Arunas is very purpose-driven and is always challenging himself to improve his skills, and to test out new and innovative ideas. But don’t let that fool you - he’s still a total goofball!


(written by Arturas)

Amanda is the true definition of Sonder. She has a gift for seeing every person in their unique and beautiful life story. Her ability to listen, love, and laugh makes her one of the most empathetic and understanding friends you can ask for. When she first came into my life, I thought that she might lose her extraordinary kindness over time, but it only grows.

Amanda has always been incredibly creative and keen to learn and explore. As a little girl, she would follow her mom, nose in a book, around the grocery store. Once, she even started following a stranger, she was so absorbed in the story. Those skills play right into our work at Sonder Liv Studios. Her golden heart, eye for beautiful design, and eagerness to keep growing and experiencing life to the fullest make a dynamite combination. In other words, your story is safe in her hands! 

When she’s not writing, photographing, or being a right-hand-camera-woman, you can find her dancing and drawing to Hunter Hayes’ latest song, probably just about to go on a camping adventure with her cute husband and cuter cat, planning explorations of a new country and culture, and making everyone she meets feel like her new best friend.

Meet the Designer



(written by Arunas)


Arturas is contagiously passionate about life, a quality that leaks into everything he does, including Graphic Design. When he creates, he pours so much love and attention to detail into his designs, always ensuring high quality and originality in his work. Even at a young age, Arturas’ joy and talent for art was apparent; he would take his favorite Dragonball Z characters and create enormous, life-like drawings of them. Now, that joy and passion has transformed into digital design, and I couldn’t be more excited to see my brother thrive.

When he’s not creating designs, Arturas often finds himself longboarding, chasing adventures with his girlfriend, and scouting out amazing new vegan food joints around town (if you know of any more, make sure to let him know). He’s dedicated to pursuing the things he loves, even when it’s hard or unconventional, and to discovering more about the world around him. Above all, he enjoys debating deep philosophical questions with me and although sometimes I act annoyed, I secretly love the growth he inspires in me (Shh, don’t tell him I said that).